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Mili Pure Spray

Mili Pure Spray

For microcurrent use, it is important to make sure skin is hydrated. Mili Pure Spray and its cellphone app are perfect tools to provide skin hydration.

No matter what age, your skin loves hydration.

We drink water because our body feels thirst. Now our skin can tell us when it needs moisture before skin imperfections appear.

The first Artificially Intelligent moisturiser is just for you. It’s packed with the power of hydrogen-rich water and our award-winning skin moisture detectors — all inside a gorgeous yet sturdy matte silver device encrusted with Swarovski crystal.

For everyone from beauty aficionados, to athletes and health enthusiasts, the MiLi Pure Spray is an environmental addition to your skincare routine that instantly boosts complexion while fighting anything from acne, aging to skin damage.

Video – How to Moisturize with MiLi Pure Spray