Version 4.7.0, 2021.8.28


Profile Editor 4.7.0 is released with new features.

· AN IMPORTANT NOTE: The profile or protocol file saved with this Profile Editor version 4.7.0 won’t be opened by previous versions of Profile Editor. This version can open and use the files saved by previous versions. We encourage all users upgrade their software to 4.7.0.

· Supports the new Include feature which would allow one protocol to include other protocols. This allows running a group of protocols as one single protocol. Right click a row in Protocol Editor to include other protocols as one of the “sub protocol”. Open the new “Batch(include) examples.profile” to check it out.

· Improvement for Copy/Paste between Excel spreadsheets. Fixed some problems for Copy/Paste in previous versions.

· Added an option to clear the Batch protocols in IS02 unit when a profile is being written(programmed) into IS02 device.

· Fixed the issue in RealTime panel for changing the run time of the current pair.

· Updated user’s manual for IS02LCDs, IS02PROs and IS02BAs.

· Added an access to the latest online Release Notes in the Help menu.

· Some other improvements and bug fixes.


Firmware version 1.70.0 is released with new features for IS02LCD series models.

· Audible alert upon the loss of output connection: The new firmware can be configured to make an audible alert after the loss of output connection for more than 10 seconds when a protocol is running. This helps to alert the user to check the output connection during a therapy session. This feature is enabled after firmware upgrade and can be turned off in Settings.

· Keypad Lock: press both the Left and the Right arrow keys to lock and unlock the keypad when a protocol is running.

· Changed the way to enter values with numeric keys. The value will start with the highest digits for F1, F2 and I. The key sequence to enter the frequencies is changed to start from the highest digit. For example, to enter 3Hz for F1, press F1, 0, 0, 3, and Enter; to enter 21Hz for F2, press F2, 0, 2, 1 and Enter. Watch the cursor on the screen to get used to the new way.

· Introducing the new Include feature which would allow one protocol to include other protocols. This allow running a group of protocols as one single protocol.

· Support Biphasic waveform. Open the example “Biphasic waveform examples.profile” and use the Waveform Panel for the Parameter Editor from the Protocol Editor to examine the biphasic waveforms.

· Changed to have fast increment of the run time in manual mode when the Time+ and Time- keys are pressed long.

· Changed to allow setting the output current to 0μA.
· Fixed a bug that SKIP does not work when the line is already on HOLD.

· Fixed a firmware issue that a protocol with higher output current on the previous pair than the followed pair could cause a false 0C error.

Version 4.6.5, 2020.8.12


Profile Editor 4.6.5 is released to support our new model IS02BAs.

· Added support for IS02BAs model. IS02BAs is our new model with 10 protocol keys and indication LEDs. Click here to see more product details.

· Improved IS02 Remote Keypad to support the hold and repeat key operation with mouse.

· Improved the Real Time panel

· added to show the connected model name and serial number on title so it’s easier to identify the device under control when multiple devices are controlled on one computer.

· Fixed the issue that Next or Previous button did not apply the changes to device.

· Fixed the issue that the big number display does not match the small number display for the output current.

· Fixed some minor issues.

Firmware version 1.65 is released in the package for all IS02LCD series for the following features.

· Improved power management to save battery power for longer battery life. We recommend all users to upgrade to this version of firmware.

Version 4.5.1, 2020.3.17


Profile Editor 4.5.1 introducing Firmware version 1.61 for all IS02LCD models.

· Added new operation to keep the backlight always on. Hold the Backlight key for 2 seconds to turn on the backlight of LCD display, hold the backlight key again until the LCD backlight flashes for a short moment. The LCD backlight will be turned on for 8 hours until the device is turned off or the backlight button is pressed.

· Fixed the problem that there is no beep sound at the end of a protocol in firmware version 1.60.


For IS02PRO and IS02PROs models only:

· Fixed the problem that the first digit of the protocol number is not taken when entered from the start up screen in firmware version 1.60.

· Fixed the problem that the protocol number may be stuck to the last one in All Protocols screen when number keys are pressed multiple times to select a protocol.

Version 4.5.0, 2020.2.29


Profile Editor 4.5.0 introducing new features and new firmware version 1.60.

· Added to show protocol name in Protocol Editor.

· Changed the display for empty protocol and empty protocol name.

· Changed to allow empty protocol slot in profile, no longer showing factory protocol for empty protocol slots when reading back from unit. Empty slots can be used to preserve the same protocol number in same location for easy remembering and use for IS02LCD and IS02PRO devices.

· Real Time: added option to apply modified waveform for all subsequence lines or protocols.

· Updated User’s Manual for IS02LCDs and IS02PROs models. Added instruction for Batch Protocols.

Releasing Firmware version 1.60 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs for the following new features.

· Added to repeat key operation when a key is pressed and held. The accelerated repeating improves user experience especially for Current+ and Current-, Time+ and Time- in run time, and scroll up and down the list of protocols with UP and DOWN keys.

· Added to support SKIP and HOLD functions for IS02LCD and IS02LCDs models

·  SKIP: to skip the current frequency pair when running a protocol, press PAUSE key for 2 seconds.

·  HOLD: to hold the timer of the current frequency pair when running a protocol, press START key for 2 seconds, the HOLD will flash at the bottom left corner of the screen. To resume the pair timer, press START key again.

· Changed to use to holding of the STOP key to clear a batch slot, from pressing of STOP key in previous firmware version.

Version 4.4.3, 2019.05.13

Profile Editor 4.4.3 introducing Firmware version 1.51 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Changed to use high output drive strength for combined pin use scenario.

· Changed default output drive strength to high.

· Improved start up time and stability.

Version 4.4.2, 2019.04.04

Profile Editor 4.4.2:

· Added Inspirstar IS02 Product Information tool in Start menu to allow firmware upgrade without software license.

Version 4.4.0, 2018.12.17

Profile Editor 4.4.0 introducing Firmware version 1.50 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Introducing new feature Batch Protocols which allows to run up to 9 protocols in batch mode.

·   Use “Protocols” key to switch to Batch Protocols screen; or select from main menu.

·   Right Arrow to browse and select a protocol from All Protocols or Recent and History Protocols.

·   Use “Start” key or “Pause” key to add the protocol to the batch.

·   Use “Stop” key to remove the protocol from the batch.

·   Press “Start” key to run the protocol in the batch. Protocols will be started from current position and run in sequence to the end of batch list.

·   Press “Stop” key to stop the current protocol and forward to next protocol in batch.

·   Hold “Stop” key for 3 seconds to stop the whole batch.

· Added to report Error Code if abnormal conditions are detected. When error code is shown on screen, please write down the error code and the error information and contact your IS02 supply for service.

· Bug fixes and improved stability.

Version 4.3.7, 2018.11.06

Profile Editor 4.3.7:

· Corrected the import function so the empty protocols are removed, and multiple files are inserted in the same order as the files are selected.

· Added to support to copy and paste protocol files to Profile list.

· Added beeping option at the end of Real Time running.

· Fixed a bug in Real Time Control Panel that the description is not saved in the finished protocol. Note that the description on screen when a pair is running can be used as the comments or feedbacks to save in the finished protocol.

· Fixed a bug that causes exception when writing certain profile to some very old IS02BA units.

Releasing Firmware version 1.44.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Improved start up time and stability.

Version 4.3.4, 2018.06.05

Profile Editor 4.3.4:

· Further improved robustness for the process of firmware upgrade.

Releasing Firmware version 1.43.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Improved start up time.

Version 4.3.3, 2018.05.04

Releasing Firmware version 1.42.2 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Fixed the issue that the rolling display of certain length of protocol names could mess up and may cause the IS02 to restart.

Profile Editor 4.3.3:

· Improved robustness for the process of firmware upgrade.

· Added to show remaining time in Write Profile window.

Version 4.3.2, 2018.04.11

Profile Editor 4.3.2:

· Added support for Protocol Run Limit for Rental unit.

·       Use menu Tools -> Change Rental Run Limit to set the protocol run limit.

· Changed to auto increase the width of window for a better display of protocol descriptions.

· Added support of Drag and Drop of protocols within or between Profile Editor windows.

·         Hold down left mouse button to Drag to move a protocol.

·         Press Ctrl key to change to Copy the protocols instead of Move.

·         Hold down Shift key to select and drag multiple protocols.

· Improved operation of Copy and Paste for better experience.

·         Right mouse button to use context menu to Copy selected cell values for Spreadsheet.

· Minor problem fixes and improvements.

Releasing Firmware version 1.42.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Fixed the issue that the IS02 does not shut down automatically when a long protocol name is rolling on screen with firmware version 1.41.

· Added support for Protocol Run Limit for Rental unit.

· Changed the behavior of the backlight key:

Short press: turn on or turn off LCD back light. LCD back light will be turned off automatically 30 seconds after no keypad operation.

Long press: turn on the LCD back light and leave it stay on until Back Light key is pressed again.

Version 4.3.1, 2018.03.08

Profile Editor 4.3.1:

· Added Protocol Sorting feature to allow sorting protocols by Protocol Names, time, current, or description.

·         Click the header of the column to sort the table, click again to sort in descending order. Note that sorting is for display only.

·         Right Click to select to unsort the list.

·         Right click to select to re-number the list with the sorted order. Re-number takes the display order as the actual order of protocols in the profile.

· Added Find text feature to help to find certain text string in the whole profile and in protocol.

· Enhanced Smart Typing feature that

·         Allows continue typing of frequencies pairs F1,F2,F1,F2,F1… without moving cells manually when typing is ended Enter key.

·         Moves to the cell as desired when typing ended with arrow keys.

· Added settings for the LCD backlight brightness and Output Drive Voltage for IS02 LCD series. Use menu in Tools -> Change IS02 Settings to view or change the settings.

·         Output Drive Voltage for the constant current output can be set in Low, Medium and High levels. The default has been changed to Medium.  Try to change the setting to High if the connection LEDs become flashing after firmware upgrade, or ensure to moisture skin before attaching electrodes.

New Firmware version 1.40.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Added Rolling Text for long program names so the entire name would roll over the LCD screen.

· Added setting for Output Drive Voltage in Settings menu. The setting can be changed through LCD screen menu or through Profile Editor software.

The output will remain constant current as set in the protocol. The Output Drive Voltage setting gives user an option to use lower output voltage to drive the output current. Users usually feel more comfortable with lower output drive voltage.

Output Drive Voltage Setting

Contact and Body resistance


up to 25K ohm

Medium (default)

up to 50K ohm


up to 100K ohm

Version 4.2.7, 2017.11.08

Releasing Firmware version 1.31.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Fixed the issue that was found on previous 1.30 on some IS02 units.

· This version includes all the fixes in previous version 1.30.0.

Version 4.2.6, 2017.10.31

Releasing Firmware version 1.30.0 for IS02LCD, IS02LCDs, IS02PRO, and IS02PROs.

· Fixed an issue that the protocol running remaining time displays 00:00 while there are pairs still running. The problem could happen when SKIP keys are used.

· Fixed an issue that the output current could end up with 0uA after run time change in a protocol with different current intensity I values for pairs.

· Changed to preserve the waveform settings for next run before and after running in manual run mode.

· Improved user experience with optimization on key operations. STOP key changed to go back to one menu if not on Main Menu. STOP key only powers off the unit when in Main Menu and on startup screen. Optimization on run time change operation.

· Improvement on power management and low battery indication.

· Some minor bug fixes and improvement.

Profile Editor:

· Changed to not to perform firmware upgrade if IS02 battery is low.

Version 4.2.4, 2017.09.28

· Releasing IS02BA Firmware version 0.95.4 to fix the low battery LED bug in firmware 0.95.3.

Version 4.2.3, 2017.06.20

· Fixed the Ctrl-A problem to select all with multi-line text box and multi-line datagrid text box;

· Added firmware version 1.2.2 for new model IS02LCDs and IS02PROs

Version 4.2.2, 2017.05.31

· Fixed a problem that the waveform names are not written correctly into IS02LCD/IS02PRO with Windows USB Driver version

Version 4.2.1, 2017.05.11

Profile Editor:

· Added support to new IS02 models IS02LCDs and IS02PROs. Click to find out more on IS02LCDs and IS02PROs

· Communication Time out: A recent USB Driver update to version by Windows causes communication time out issue when writing profiles to IS02. Users were previously advised to use slow protocol or roll driver version back to This version of software makes adaption to the new driver version and has solved the problem.

· Copy and Paste: Great improvement has been made on Copy and Paste feature. Now users can copy/paste the contents of the displayed cells between Profile/Protocol and Excel spreadsheet. Users can also Copy/Paste the descriptions and protocol names, through either keyboard or shortcuts.

· Print: long descriptions will be printed in multiple lines.

· Columns in Profile Editor and Protocol Editor can now be resized and displayed in multiple lines for long protocol names or descriptions.

· Export Protocols: now can export the whole profile into a folder.

· Import Protocols: now includes both .protocol and .profile files.

· New icons for shortcuts and applications. Added shortcut to desktop for Protocol Editor

· Updated document Profile Editor User's Guide.

· Removed documents subfolder in Start menu because Windows 10 flatten subfolders in start menu. Added a shortcut to document folder instead.

· Changed paper to Landscape orientation for print in Protocol Editor.

· Other bug fixes and improvement.

Firmware Update to 1.20.1 for IS02LCD,IS02LCDs, IS02PRO and IS02PROs

· Added low battery indication on startup screen and running screen (fixed the low battery issue on previous build 1.20.0).

Version 4.0.7, 2017.02.01

· Fixed a bug that Real Time feature can't be used with IS02PRO since version 4.0.1

Version 4.0.6, 2016.11.26

· Increased the size of F1 field for entering multiple frequency pairs, e.g. 11,22,33,44,55/100,200,300

Upgrade firmware to 1.10.0 for IS02LCD and IS02PRO:

· Hide the cursor (underline) when no keypad activities for 8 seconds.

· Added disclaimer on startup screen and About menu; press START or RIGHT key to skip; or key UP/DOWN to scroll the screen.

Version 4.0.5, 2016.08.30

· Fixed the display problem that Register License button is not shown when Windows display setting is set to 125% scale

Version 4.0.4, 2016.05.22

Included New firmware 1.0.5 for IS02LCD/IS02PRO

· Fixed a bug with loop operation.

· Fixed a bug with encrypted protocols that unencrypted protocols and manual operation does not get parameters displayed properly.

Included New firmware 0.95.3 for IS02BA

· Fixed a bug with loop operation.

Version 4.0.3, 2016.04.22

· Added support of entering frequencies by combination. for example, entering 12,34,56/78,90 in cell F1 will create 6 frequency pairs from the combination of the F1 and F2 frequencies

Included New firmware 1.0.3 for IS02LCD/IS02PRO

· Added to prompt for new batteries when battery is low.

· Improvement on manual run mode for IS02PRO

· Reduced the brightness of LCD backlight to reserve battery power

Version 4.0.2, 2016.03.24

· Removed the wrong firmware version 0.95.1 for IS02BA. IS02BA. Users should revert the firmware back to 0.90.2 if already upgraded with 0.95.1.

· Added two key files for Encryption

· Updated Profile Editor User's Guide with predefined waveforms and default parameters

· Updated IS02PRO User's manual with additional usage of the output jacks

Version 4.0.1, 2016.03.09

Upgrading to this software and firmware is highly recommended.

· Added support of option to write the description of frequency pairs into IS02

· Fixed a bug in memory configuration

Firmware version 1.0.1:

· Fixed a problem that powering off the unit on setting screen could reset the machine.

Version, 2016.03.04

· First release of 4.0

· Added user's manual for IS02LCD and IS02PRO

· Added User's Guide for Profile Editor