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Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent Stimulator™, a portable and programmable home treatment unit made by Inspirstar Inc., provides our customers with a unique, flexible, digitally-programmable solution that is cost-competitive with other microcurrent stimulation systems on the market.

Inspirstar IS02 Programmable Microcurrent Stimulator™ helps microcurrent stimulation practitioners to choose specific combinations of currents and frequencies which have been shown to be the most effective in treatment. We have hundreds of satisfied patients and doctors using this exciting product.

Since our programmable microcurrent stimulator was approved by FDA and released in March 2006, it has been used by thousands of satisfied patients and hundreds of satisfied practitioners.

To use the programmable microcurrent stimulator, you need Inspirstar IS02 unit, Inspirstar Profile Editor software and accessories. Right now Inspirstar has three models of units – IS02PRO, IS02LCD and IS02BA.

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*Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.