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IS02BAs Stimulator

IS02BAs Stimulator

Feature List

Programmable Solution

  • Two independent output channels
  • Ten programmable protocols
  • Each protocol with a sequence of frequency pairs
  • Automatic protocol running through all frequency pairs
  • Easy programming with Windows based Profile Editor software

User Convenience

  • Simple operation: Select a Protocol and press START. PAUSE available.
  • Current Intensity increase/decrease at runtime
  • LED lights showing protocol run progress
  • Two 1.5V AA batteries
  • Standard microUSB cable for programming and Real Time

Easy and Precise Control via Software

  • Programmable frequency, current intensity, timer
  • Programmable advanced parameters for polarity, wave slopes, modulated period, and phase delay, etc.
  • Storage memory for up to 7200 total frequency pairs
  • Password protected protocols
  • Protocol description can be stored in the unit
  • Option to turn on/off the beep at the end of each protocol

Professional Real Time Feature

  • Unit used like a traditional knob-based microcurrent stimulator (needs PC and Profile Editor software Real Time feature)
  • Output changed on patients immediately when frequency is clicked on screen
  • All run frequencies can be recorded for future use.
  • Existing protocols can be loaded and run automatically without programming.