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Real Time Feature

Real Time Feature

Inspirstar Real Time feature is a software feature installed on your computer to support real time treatment.

  • IS02 PMS can be used like a traditional knob-based microcurrent stimulator but is more powerful and convenient. The output frequency and current intensity from IS02 will be changed immediately when you click on the numbers to change the values on PC screen.
  • Your existing protocols can be loaded and run without programming the IS02. All the frequency and current you have run will be recorded and can be saved as protocols for future use, or be programmed into IS02 for patient to use at home.
  • Real Time feature can be used with IS02PRO and IS02BA units via USB adaptor(for IS02BA) or standard microUSB cable(for IS02PRO).

Here is a typical Real Time treatment scenario on a patient.

Here is a snapshot of this Real Time feature.