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Customer Service


During Covid-19, packages to Inspirstar may not be picked up daily. Delivery confirmation is required on your package but we recommend you DO NOT require signature or certified as it may delay delivery further.  

Inspistar Customer Service

Inspirstar is proactive about customer care. We care for every customer whoever you are a healthcare practitioner or a patient. We are intensely committed to you towards the success of your practice or treatment.

Our OWN engineering team to resolve any software and hardware questions and does not rely on any third party.

Service Flow For Patients who are using Inspirstar Products

If you meet any problem or have any question when you are using Inspirstar products, please follow this flow.

1. Please read the whole Owner’s Manual especially the troubleshooting section and also FAQ section under Service of this website.

2. If the problem, either related to the machine or related to your treatment, is not resolved or your question is not answered, please call your practitioner who provides you the machine.

3. Please follow your practitioner’s instruction on what you need to do.

4. If your practitioner determines that the machine needs manufacturer’s service, please fill out the following Inspirstar Product Service Request Form.

Inspirstar Service Mail Address: 
Inspirstar Repairs
1900 W Carla Vista Dr, Unit 7062,    (Unit 7062 must be on the address label. )
Chandler, AZ 85224

(If you use USPS service, you may use this address: Inspirstar Repairs, P.O.Box 7062, Chandler, AZ 85246-7062)


  1. Before you ship the unit in for service, you must fill out the Product Service Request Form and wait for Inspirstar approval for service.
  2. When you ship the unit in for service, you must include a notes with your name and contact information on it.

Inspirstar Product Service Request Form

Before you send the product in for service, you must fill this form form and submit to Inspirstar. Inspirstar will contact you via email or phone. A lot of problem can be easily resolved without the need to send the unit in. After Inspirstar approves your service request, please send the product to the following address. Service fee may apply for out-of-warranty service. (Address: Inspirstar Repairs, 1900 W Carla Vista Dr, Unit 7062, Chandler, AZ 85224 )
If the product was not purchased directly from Inspirstar, a purchase receipt or record may be required for warranty service.

Inspirstar Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales and Warranty

Inspirstar Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales and Warranty