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Inspirstar iProbe®

Inspirstar iProbe® Microcurrent Probe

Banana Plug Wire Leads

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Usage of iProbe

Inspirstar iProbe® is intended to be used as an electrode to microcurrent stimulation.

iProbe can be used as two probes together, or one probe as one electrode with a conductive pad or an alligator clip to a wet towel as another electrode.

Hightlights of Inspirstar iProbe® 

  • Probe rods are constructed from durable solid metal, ensuring longevity.
  • Both a copper ball probe tip and a holder for a cotton swab tip are included.
  • The probe’s silicon sleeve provides a comfortable grip.
  • Banana plugs ensure a secure connection.
  • Inspirstar iProbe® can be used flexibly with Inspirstar’s combinable pushpin leads, alligator clips, pads, and more. For detailed instructions on usage, consult the Inspirstar iProbe® User’s Manual.

Contents in the package 

Probe rodx2
Cotton swab tip holderx2
Metal ball probe tipx2
Banana Plug(2mm) wire leadx1
Push pin to banana plug conversion wirex1
Alligator clipsx2

Inspirstar iProbe® User’s Manual

Click here for Inspirstar iProbe® User’s Manual