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USB Driver

For Windows 10

Windows 10 default USB driver works for all Inspirstar IS02 devices*. If you plug in Inspirstar IS02 devices to your Windows 10 computer for the first time, Windows 10 will automatically install USB driver for the device and it should work instantly.

*Except it is old IS02BA unit AND your USB adaptor was old Gen1.

For Windows 11

Update on May 31, 2022

The new working driver is now included in the Windows 11 update. The IS02 devices shall work when plugged into a Windows 11 computer without any manual driver update.

Update on Mar 23, 2022

A new driver version has been released to fix the issue on the previous release for Windows 11. The new driver has version number 3.9.1. We expect Windows 11 to use this new driver version in the next Windows update. Before it’s available from Windows Update, this new driver can be downloaded from here link (

After downloading this file, follow the instructions on the screen, and choose to Run Anyway if you are asked whether to continue. After the new driver is installed, the driver version will be 3.9.1. 


Dec 06, 2021

Windows 11 USB default driver DO NOT work for Inspirstar devices.

DO NOT UPGRADE PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11 if not very necessary.

If you get a new Windows 11 computer or have upgraded to Windows 11, you need to manually install USB driver and use “Device Manager” to setup the driver. The following steps describe the whole process. The key point is to install the old driver and use “Device Manager” to update to use the old driver. Also it is important that you always use one dedicated USB port on the PC for IS02 devices.

  1.  Connect IS02 to an USB port of the PC with a USB cable.
  1. Install the PL2303 USB driver from Profile Editor if you have never done so on this PC.

Open Profile Editor, in the Tools menu, click Install USB Driver. Follow the prompt to install the driver. When prompted whether to install, click Yes. If you have ever installed the USB driver from Profile Editor, you may do that again(Tools->Install USB driver) and select “Modify” the program after the installation starts. 

  1. Bring up Device Manager,

Right click on the Windows icon on the task bar and select Device Manager.

  1. In Device Manager, find the Ports(COM & LPT), and select the item related to PL2303 device or Prolific device;
  1. Right click on the PL2303/Prolific device and select Update Driver;
  1. Browsing through the following steps to pick the old driver 3.6.81. If you see only one version of driver without the version number/date, select it and complete.
  1. After the driver is updated, the Device manager will change the display of the PL2303 device to the following. You can double click this Prolific USB-To-Serial Comm Port and select Driver to see the version. It should be the version of the year 2015, not 2021. If it is a version of 2021, it is still the wrong one. You may have to repeat from Step 1. 
  1. The driver is ready to use. Go back to Profile Editor, the software shall be able to communicate with the IS02. (make sure the battery is installed for IS02.)


The updated driver will survive the sleep and restart of the Windows on the same USB port. However, when the IS02 device is plugged into another USB port, the default driver is installed again, and even the default driver is used again on the previous USB port. The driver needs to be updated again in such cases. 

To avoid updating the driver again, try to stick with the following guidelines:

  • Always use one dedicated USB port on the PC for IS02 devices;
  • Or plug in multiple IS02 devices into all the USB ports to be used with IS02, and update the USB drivers for all those ports. 
  • Don’t use those USB ports that have never been updated with the old drivers. Windows will revert the driver back to the non-working version when any of such USB ports is used.


This driver version 3.6.81 works with IS02 in Windows 11.

This driver version 3.8.40 does not work with IS02 in Windows 11.

When trying to connect to IS02, the Profile Editor software will show the USB driver version on the Communication Error screen. Driver version 3.8.40 does not work, you need to update the driver to an older version.

PL2303 GL works with this driver in Windows 11.

If you have problem, you can always restart the process from STEP 1. If you try a few times and still can’t make it work, please send detailed problem including necessary screen snapshots to