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IS02BA Stimulator

IS02BA Stimulator

(This model is discontinued and replaced by IS02BAs model.)

Feature List

Programmable Solution

  • Two independent output channels
  • Ten programmable protocols
  • Each protocol with a sequence of frequency pairs
  • Automatic protocol running through all frequency pairs
  • Easy programming with Windows based software

Easy and Precise Control

  • Programmable frequency, current intensity, timer
  • Programmable advanced parameters for polarity, wave slopes, modulated period, and phase delay, etc.
  • Storage memory for up to 7200 total frequency pairs
  • Password protected protocols
  • Protocol description can be stored in the unit

Professional Real Time Feature

  • Unit used like a traditional knob-based microcurrent stimulator (needs PC and PC software)
  • Output changed on patients immediately when frequency is clicked on screen
  • All run frequencies can be recorded for future use.
  • Existing protocols can be loaded and run without programming.

User Convenience

  • Simple operation: Select a Protocol and press START. PAUSE available.
  • Option to turn on/off the beep at the end of each protocol
  • Optional runtime current intensity increase/decrease and frequency pair forward/backward
  • Two 1.5V AA batteries for up to 80 hours of running*

*actual time varies with protocols.


Inspirstar IS02 PMS is high-end All-In-One microcurrent stimulation device.

  1. For patients, it is a portable unit with all protocols running automatically. Easy and frequent home or office treatment will give better result.
  2. For practitioners, it has the full programmable capability to satisfy the easy and precise control of microcurrent needs – frequencies, protocols, current, timer, wave shape, etc.
  3. For practitioners, with the real time feature, it can be used like a traditional knob-based microcurrent stimulator to treat patient manually, test new frequencies, etc.
  4. It has many leading technology benefits – power efficiency(2xAA batteries to run 80 hours), high frequency accuracy(0.1%), etc

Check out our Inspirstar YouTube Channel to view the tutorial video for the IS02BA.