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(There are thousands of satisfied patients and hundreds of satisfied doctors. This is only a small portion of testimonials.)

“So far my father and I have experienced huge benefits from the use of these Inspirstar devices. ” — Debora, Longmont, CO

“IS02 provides our customers with a unique, flexible, digitally-programmable machine for home use. IS02 can be programmed with your own treatment protocols and it can be re-programmed repeatedly. It helps microcurrent stimulation practitioners to choose specific combinations of currents and frequencies…” — Dr. Edward Kondrot

“The FSM Programmable Unit has been a welcome addition to my clinic. These convenient, portable, and programmable units allow my patients an affordable therapeutic option for more than one health concern at a time. The software is surprisingly easy to use and the customer support is terrific. I really like the ease in which I can customize FSM treatment protocols for each patient, and know that compliance will be high as they can treat themselves at home.” — Dr. Anne Marie Fine

“As a Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapist, I am excited about Inspirstar microcurrent. I love being able to program it myself and custom design programs for my patients. The computer program is simple to use. Microcurrent therapy heals nerve pain, musculo-skeletal pain and all sorts of ailments quickly and effectively, and I am encouraging my patients to purchase these units to use at home.” — Eve Greenberg, MA, HMA

 “The Inspirstar ISO2 is a must for any bodywork practitioner.  Not only can I now achieve previously unattainable results, I can send the programmable unit home with my clients for continued therapy.  The versatility is such that this machine really is the closest one will come to an ‘all-in-one’ tool.  Even at home, we don’t go without this machine.  All my family members ask for ‘their turn’ with the Inspirstar.  I am grateful to have been introduced to this incredibly powerful yet low-cost technology and recommend it without reservation.” — T. Howe, LMT

“When a patient I have worked on for a long time started using my drainage programs at home in foot detox baths I could work more on stones, fungi, bacteria, and parasites during her colemas.  She has had faster improvement since then and loves what the IS02 has done for her.” — Karen Miller-Youst, Dr. Robert Rowen’s office

“I like the flexibility in number of treatments the patient can receive in a short timeframe, and the flexibility of where treatment is administered.” — Dr. Lori Brown

Write Your Testimonial

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