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(There are thousands of satisfied patients and hundreds of satisfied doctors. This is only a small portion of testimonials.)

“Our clinic has so appreciated utilizing Inspirstar’s BA units for our patient FSM rental program that we initiated at the onset of the pandemic. We opted to close the clinic to in-person visits at the onset of the shutdown, but were still able to serve our patients with unit rentals and telemedicine. Outcomes were vastly improved and our patients were grateful for the ability to treat at home using these simple, easy-to-use units. Inspirstar offers great support and is always fast in correspondence.” — Dr. Jessie

“The Inspirstar has thought through how the practitioner uses microcurrent in their practice as well as at home. The issues that I had with other machines are fixed with this machine. The software is intuitive, the buttons on the machine are durable, it’s easy to access the protocols and edit as you’re treating.” — IS02PRO user

“FSM has been a game changer in our Integrative Health Care practice. It has become a valuable tool for assessing patient conditions.” — Wanda B. 

“If it had not been for FSM and Inspirstar, I’d be in a nursing home with dense neurological deficits following a neurological event in 2-8-2017. I returned to work less than 3 months later without any neurological deficits. Thanks go to FSM and Ning Wu!” —  IS02BA user

“The IS02 PRO is the device I prefer for several reasons – the ability to program with so many protocol choices, use manual mode when I need to, easily find the most recently used protocols, and Batch several protocols together. The functionality and price point make it an easy to afford piece of equipment for any practice.” — IS02PRO user 

“Mine is a personal testimony. I was born with a birth defect bilateral club feet with after time as I learned how to walk caused a hitch in my step and I kick the great toe in my right foot.

I had a significant limited range of motion and constituent pain in a scale of 0 no pain to 10 excruciating pain, I have hovered around 5 daily. After FSM assessment a treatment protocol developed specifically for me, my circulation and ROM improved significantly and my pain decreased to a 1. Because knowing my foot is habitual this will always be something I have live with but having FSM and using it regularly has greatly improved my quality of life.” — Doug B

“Inspirstar 2 channel Microcurrent devices have been the most transformative contribution to my practice as a manual therapist treating chronic and acute pain with amorality whose primary focus is dealing with perpetuating factors. This affordable, transportable and easily programmable technology allows me to work up stream in the Central Nervous System to most effectively improve conditions of the mechanism of pain for my patients and family.

Service for any issues is more accessible than any company I have dealt with ever. Was working with a family member on a holiday Sunday and experienced an issues with my device. Sent a message to my contact to have someone straighten the issue during office hours. Within 2 hours I was contacted, Ning was brought in and everything was resolved in a very short order long before I ever expected them to get my message.

I have been in a few informal meetings with Ning listening to practitioners on how the devices are used. During the discussion practitioners mention “wish list” items. Almost always with a few weeks, emails are advising software updates and we have protocol organization capabilities or batch programming abilities that advance the value of our devices at no cost.

Inspirstar and all those associated are among the most responsive and service oriented person with whom I have had pleasure to work.

As many star as are available, that is my recommendation.” — James M.

“So far my father and I have experienced huge benefits from the use of these Inspirstar devices. ” — Debora, Longmont, CO

“IS02 provides our customers with a unique, flexible, digitally-programmable machine for home use. IS02 can be programmed with your own treatment protocols and it can be re-programmed repeatedly. It helps microcurrent stimulation practitioners to choose specific combinations of currents and frequencies…” — Dr. Edward Kondrot

“The FSM Programmable Unit has been a welcome addition to my clinic. These convenient, portable, and programmable units allow my patients an affordable therapeutic option for more than one health concern at a time. The software is surprisingly easy to use and the customer support is terrific. I really like the ease in which I can customize FSM treatment protocols for each patient, and know that compliance will be high as they can treat themselves at home.” — Dr. Anne Marie Fine

“As a Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapist, I am excited about Inspirstar microcurrent. I love being able to program it myself and custom design programs for my patients. The computer program is simple to use. Microcurrent therapy heals nerve pain, musculo-skeletal pain and all sorts of ailments quickly and effectively, and I am encouraging my patients to purchase these units to use at home.” — Eve Greenberg, MA, HMA

 “The Inspirstar ISO2 is a must for any bodywork practitioner.  Not only can I now achieve previously unattainable results, I can send the programmable unit home with my clients for continued therapy.  The versatility is such that this machine really is the closest one will come to an ‘all-in-one’ tool.  Even at home, we don’t go without this machine.  All my family members ask for ‘their turn’ with the Inspirstar.  I am grateful to have been introduced to this incredibly powerful yet low-cost technology and recommend it without reservation.” — T. Howe, LMT

“When a patient I have worked on for a long time started using my drainage programs at home in foot detox baths I could work more on stones, fungi, bacteria, and parasites during her colemas.  She has had faster improvement since then and loves what the IS02 has done for her.” — Karen Miller-Youst, Dr. Robert Rowen’s office

“I like the flexibility in number of treatments the patient can receive in a short timeframe, and the flexibility of where treatment is administered.” — Dr. Lori Brown

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