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Profile Editor Software

Inspirstar Profile Editor Software

Inspirstar Profile Editor is a Windows based software. This software is used to create, edit, program frequencies, protocols and profiles. This software is also a management center of features of Inspirstar IS02 stimulators.

  • Easy-to-Use Programming Software. This software is a typical and easy Windows application. Frequency, time, current intensity, wave slope, wave-modulated period and polarity are all easily programmable by healthcare professionals.

  • Feature like “Global Change” makes programming easier – allows changing a parameter like current intensity from 100µA to 200µA across all protocols.

  • Free for upgrade. The software is growing with more features and the upgrade is free.

  • No Annual Maintenance fee.

  • Automatic upgrade. The latest version of the software comes with automatic upgrade. Save time and fast.

Here is a snap shot of the software.