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Inspirstar Level One training

Inspirstar Level One Training is for practitioners and pre-approved patients who are interested in learning more about effective use of the Inspirstar Microcurrent products including software and devices. You will learn the basics of microcurrent device, how to create protocols, profiles, program the device with your own treatments. This training needs moderate knowledge of PC operations. Product cost (software and/or device) is not included in the tuition. Attendees need to bring your own Window PC to the training, or Mac PC with Windows on its virtual machine like Parallels. This is usually 2-day training and may be compressed to 1-day. 

Dr. Edward Kondrot teaches Level One training. Please check his website for his Level One training schedule. 

Inspirstar can also arrange Level One training during Annual Microcurrent Conference or other time based on needs. If you need a training, please send your inquiry to

Inspirstar Level Two training

Inspirstar Level Two training is for practitioners and qualified patients who have owned Inspirstar device and software and want to learn more advanced features. You will learn the following: advanced waveform explanations and the use of difference waveforms; Real Time to enable visualization of frequencies delivered to the body in real time on your computer monitor; Random Frequency/Loop to specify and control random frequency which is reported to work better than specific frequency in some studies; IS02 advanced features especially IS02PRO, the most advanced “Game Changer of FSM device”; and the discussion of current flow in the body.  Inspirstar Level Two training is usually held during Annual Microcurrent Conference. If you need a training, please send your inquiry to

Some training about FSM and treatments are offered by FrequenciesThatMend.