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Software Download

Inspirstar Software Installation Procedures

  1. Purchase Inspirstar software. (This software is a Windows program and needs to be installed on a Windows computer. Not recommend to install this software on Windows via Virtual Machine on Macbook. )
  2. Click the following link to download the latest software installation file and install. Everyone downloads the same software installation file. Software license key issued by Inspirstar on step#3 will be based on each customer’s actual purchase of package, feature or version. 
    Click here to download the latest software version.
  3. After installation, a software license registration window will popup with an installation code on the window. Please email the installation code to Inspirstar to request software license key. lnspirstar will review the request and issue software license key and email back to you.(Our staff will review your request and reply within 1~2 business days. Sometimes fast sometimes slow. If you need quick assistance, please call our office number. )
  4. Copy and paste the license key into software license registration window to complete license registration. 

Inspirstar Write_Only Software Version for Patients

The regular versions and features of Inspirstar software are for qualified practitioners. A special Write_only version is available for patients to use at home. This version of software allows the patient to load (WRITE) a whole profile to the unit at home. But the protocol can’t be opened or created.

Prerequisites to use this version of software

  • The practitioner allows and is willing to send an email with the patient’s profile to the patient.
  • The patient has Windows 10 or 11 on the computer and is able to handle a software installation and use the software.
  • The patient has a standard microUSB cable(for IS02LCDs/PROs/BAs) or Inspirstar USB Adatpor(for old IS02BA) for data transfer.

Here is the process

  • The practitioner approves the patient to purchase and use the “Write Only” software version. 
  • The practitioner or the patient purchases this version of software.
  • The patient downloads software onto the patient’s Windows 10 computer and completes software license registration with Inspirstar.
  • The practitioner emails the patient profile to the patient.
  • The patient uses the software and a standard microUSB cable (for IS02LCDs/PROs/BAs) or Inspirstar USB Adatpor(for old IS02BA) to load (Write) the whole profile to the unit.