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Software Upgrade Information 

On May 13, 2019, the latest Profile Editor Software version is 4.4.3 and new firmware 1.51.0 (for IS02PRO/IS02PROs/IS02LCD/IS02LCDs) is released. Inspirstar Profile Editor software owner can click software “Help->Check for Updates” to check updates. Some computers may not allow this feature. If your software version is lower than 4.4.3 but you get the message that software is up-to-date, you need manual software upgrade. Please contact for the latest software manual upgrade instructions.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Some new product features require firmware upgrade of the units. The latest firmware for IS02BA is 0.95.4. The latest firmware for IS02LCD/IS02PRO is 1.51.0.

Firmware Upgrade method #1 – Automatic upgrade: 

1. After the software installation or software upgrade finishes, open Profile Editor and connect the unit to the computer.
2. Click software “Tools->Product Information”. If a newer firmware version is available for your unit, the firmware upgrade can start automatically. Or you may need to click “Yes” to agree to  upgrade and “Yes” to agree to reprogram protocols after upgrade. 

Firmware Upgrade method #2 – Manual upgrade:

1. After the software installation or software upgrade finishes, open Profile Editor and connect the unit to the computer.
2. The firmware upgrade on next steps may delete the current protocols in the unit. You may need to backup those protocols from the unit if you didn’t ever save a copy in your computer. Click “Read” and read the profile from the unit, then click “Save Profile As” to save it on your computer.
3. Firmware Upgrade. Click “Tools”-> “Firmware Upgrade”.
In Step 1, you should see one of the following files depending on your unit model. (xxxxx below is firmware version). Select the firmware file exactly for your unit model. 
C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\  (for IS02BA unit)

C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\  (for IS02LCD unit)

C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\  (for IS02LCDs unit)

C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\  (for IS02PRO unit)

C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares\  (for IS02PROs unit)

If the firmware files doesn’t show up, click “Browse” to change folder location to locate the firmware folder – C:\Program Files(x86)\Inspirstar\IS02\Firmwares.

Click “Start Upgrade”.
(Recommendation: Use new batteries for firmware upgrade.)

Note: For the operations of new features on IS02BA/IS02LCD/IS02PRO unit or the use of software new version, please refer to the updated documents Inspirstar IS02BA/IS02LCD/IS02PRO User’s Manual and Inspirstar Profile Editor User Guide, by clicking your computer “Start”-> “All Programs” -> “Inspirstar” -> “Documents”.