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Service Questions

Service Questions

Q1: What is the warranty information of Inspirstar products?

Please read the owner’s manual of your Inspirstar products for Inspirstar warranty terms and conditions. Briefly, Inspirstar IS02 units have 1 year limited warranty.  Inspirstar Electrode Gloves and electrode wires have 3 months limited warranty. Within the warranty period, the products may be repaired or may be replaced with the same or a substitute product.

Q2: The product is within Inspirstar’s limited warranty period. How can I get Inspirstar’s service?

Because your Inspirstar IS02 unit was programmed by your practitioner with specific frequencies and protocols, to get the product served, please call your doctor first for instruction. If necessary, send the entire unit with the carrying case and accessories, insured, postage prepaid, and well packaged, along with a copy of your original invoice and a note describing the problem to Inspirstar Inc.

Q3: Inspirstar’s limited warranty has expired on the product. How can I get Inspirstar’s service?

Please call your doctor first. Your doctor may contact Inspirstar for repair information and possible fees. Instructed by your doctor, you may send the entire product and a note describing the problem to Inspirstar Inc.

Q4: My IS02 unit has CH1/CH2 LEDs lighting or flashing. What is the problem?

The contact from Inspirstar IS02 unit to the skin may be lost. This is usually caused by dry skin, poor pads or gloves, bad wire leads or unit. Dry skin is the most common reason.

There is a quick test. Put two gloves or all push pins together. If CH1/CH2 LEDs stop flashing or lighting, it means the previous problem was not caused by the unit or wire leads or gloves. The problem is likely caused by dry skin or poor pads. You need to make skin moisture, or exchange pads, or add conductive gel. If CH1/CH2 LEDs continue flashing, it means there is a disconnection and the problem may be on the wire leads or the machine. Wire leads broken is a common problem. If you have spare wire leads, replace wire leads and test again. If you don’t have spare wire leads, contact your doctor for service. 

Q5: My IS02 unit has no any light on when I press the button ON. What is the problem?

Check whether the battery is positioned correctly. Or change to new battery. Press ON multiple times to see whether the problem is consistent or intermittent. Contact your doctor if the problem persists.

Q6: I don’t hear beep at the end of the treatment. What is the problem?

Here are the possible reasons.

1) The batteries are low. You need to change the batteries.

2) The beeper is broken. Your unit needs service.

3) Your doctor has the option to turn off the beep. Please consult your doctors.

Q7: I don’t feel the current. Is there any problem?

This is normal for the low current intensity. Please consult your doctor.

Q8: The treatment on me is not effective. What is the problem?

Please consult your doctor.